Types of Parrots

Studies have shown that there are about 400 types of parrots, all varying significantly in color, disposition, size and their abilities to imitate human voices. Most people think of large, multi-colored exotic birds like the macaw and Amazon species when they hear about pet parrots. However, there are many pet birds including lovebirds and budgies.

The following will look briefly on some of the most popular types of parrots:

Amazon parrots are among the most sought-after species for persons who are looking for pet birds. These parrots can mimic voices really well and are mostly found in primary colors of green with patches of yellow, blue and red.

African grays are some of the most intelligent parrots but ornithologists don’t recommend them as pet birds. They have gray color as the name suggest, but with hints of white and variegated shades. These species need lots of attention and care.

Macaws are generally larger and more colorful than the Amazons. There are several types of macaws including the hyacinth with blue color with feathers which change with light patterns to look more like purple; the scarlet is an impressive type with mostly red body and vibrant gold, yellow and blue wings; the yellow or gold chest and blue black types are among the largest; the green wing and the red Cuban macaw with unusual patterns and vivid colors.

Cockatiels are well-known as crested parrots and are the smallest types of parrots. These parrots are native of Australia and can be found mostly in scrub lands, wetlands and bush lands. They have shades of white to gray with stark yellow-colored heads, but the homebred parrots are more colorful with yellow or peach shades. One can easily identify these parrots by their cheeks with reddish-orange spots, feathers which form a head crest and incredibly long tail that is nearly half their body size.

Budgies are commonly called parakeets, but they are just some of the parakeet species. They are Australian natives, among the smallest species of parrots and mostly have green color with yellow and blue accents.

The lovebirds are comparable in size and colors to the budgies, but these parrots are natives of Africa and Madagascar.

Most parrots can live for many years, even longer than their owners. For instance, the macaws often live in captivity for 70 years, while Amazons and African grays will live about 50 to 60 years on average. On average, the cockatiels will live 15 to 20 years; lovebirds between 10 and 15 years and budgies have the shortest lifespan of 5 to 8 years.

All in all, parrots are known to make fantastic pets for adult and children. These birds are not only stunning, but they are also notoriously smart. Even though all types of parrots are not recommended as pets, if you get one of the excellent talkers you will have one of the best pet ever!

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